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3D Signage

If you want to make an impact in a big way, 3D signage is the way to go.

3D signs give the impression of quality, up-market, and exclusivity. Many companies, businesses, and organizations in Singapore choose 3D letterings as their main identification, and the use of 3D letterings extends into the office interior such as reception area, stairwell, lift landings, and other communal areas.


Although it costs more, between individual 3D letterings/logo and simple flat signage, the difference in creating an impact and communicating the quality of the former is truly unmatched. This type of letterings is one of the most produced in the world.



Stainless Steel

Aluminium / Anodised Aluminium





When it comes to choosing what type of 3D letterings as signage depends on your objective, the intended size, location, and most importantly, budget. We’ve experienced several occasions where the fabrication of 3D signs and letterings was either not budgeted for, or the budget was insufficient, and clients have to revert to print, or normal, flat signs.


The choice of materials used depends primarily on the size – for smaller 3D signs, acrylic will normally be sufficient but for larger ones, metals or a combination of materials will have to be used. For thinner 3D letterings, they can be cut directly from existing materials but for signs that require thicker depth, they’ll have to be cut separately and then joined together to produce the required thickness. This will of course require more time to fabricate and craft, but the end result is almost always amazing.


Some retail malls and shopping centers dictate that all stores must have 3D letterings and signs to comply with the lease requirements, so do check with your estate management before making a decision. For companies with intricate logo details such as extremely fine lines, the use of 3D signs may have to be restricted to just the outer outline to avoid damaging or breaking the material used.


To bring maximum impact and increased visibility, consider Illuminating the 3D letterings and signage to elevate your business image to the next level. Lighting effects can be done via back-lit, front-lit, side-lit, or a combination of these lightboxes, and are normally powered either by fluorescent tubes or LEDs these days. Neon signage – a popular choice a few decades ago – is now used sparingly due to the emergence of more energy-saving alternatives.


3D lettering signage is a premium form of display signage and is a fantastic way to express your image and make your business stand out from the rest. Coupled with stunning lighting effects, it certainly costs more but is well worth the initial investment.