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Company Signage

The quality of your company signage reflects how much or little you value your business; you truly get what you pay for.

our company signage creates the first impression to your potential customers even before any initial engagement is made. As with other customer touchpoints such as business cards, letterheads, and other corporate collaterals, your company signage has to succinctly communicate not only what you do, but also the values your business brings to your clients.


Being at the forefront of your business, creating quality company signage that relates to your customers can potentially yield significant long-term benefits, and hence, choosing the right signage company to produce it is critical. Company signage is one of the more cost-effective forms of advertising, as once it is done there are minimal to no recurring costs, and it is permanently visible.


In saying this though, not all signs are created equal. On one hand, some signages are visually pleasing and well-fabricated, while on the other, there are relatively new signages that look like they’re falling apart. You do get what you pay for. Many bases their decisions purely on costs alone, but the cost is just one factor to consider. The good news is, it doesn’t require a significant investment to produce quality signage for your business.

What You Should Consider

Advancements in technology have enabled company signages to be produced in a variety of materials, examples include wood, acrylic, glass, polycarbonate, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or a combination of these. As most company signages are within a housed / office environment, you’ll have more options and flexibility in the choice of materials used as compared to outdoor signage.


As with all other marketing considerations, your brand name and logo must be present in your signage so that they’re in line and consistent with the rest of your marketing collateral. While some company signages are basic, clear to read, and use only a limited color spectrum, that doesn’t necessarily apply to your business, as you may have different sets of objectives, budgets, and limitations.


Some issues for considerations:


  • What type of signage do you want?
  • How big do you want it to be?
  • Where will it be placed? On the wall, hanging from the ceiling, against a curved structure etc?
  • Do you require lighting? If so, do you have space for the wiring/cables to go through?
  • What is your allocated budget?